Sunday, March 7, 2010

By now you know that I

love scrap quilts and Log Cabins. You cant go wrong with
these types of quilts. Anything goes and somehow it all works
out in the end. This log cabin does not have
the traditional red center block but I happen to like
blue with brown. As you can see it didnt take many scraps at all. All of the white and
cream rectangles that make up the
large blocks is just a sheet that I cut up. However this was the softest
sheet ever! Dont remember where I got that sheet back then but I wish
that I had a couple more of them. This quilt was not made in the traditional way.
all of the blocks were created they were handsewn together. I can date
this quilt back to 1991 when "A Quilt in a Day" publication came out.
I still have that book. I cut each backing square big. I laid
the batting on top and I then began sewing the strips on top
by flipping over each strip just as the book suggested to do. However
I cant show
you the back because it is not all that pretty. Best to keep that side hid!
This was the only
quilt that I ever made like that. At that time, I didnt like it,
but I just might make another one and this time make sure
that I sew the seams down in a nice way. I will keep my patience
and take my time to sew it down properly.
by Hopblogger

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