Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Blue Heart Quilt

Remember the 70s Calico's!..
By far I think the prettiest color of them
was the blue that they made!
This quilt is made up of just 2
colors plus white.
The white blocks are big so only 12
were needed to fit this full-size
bed. The hearts are also a big
size. Each heart was first machine
stitched down and then a machine stitch
that I do not recognize that I used.
I did not want any of this to ravel.
There was only enough
of this blue calico to make this
quilt. Not a scrap piece
was left to use on any other quilt.
It is simply quilted and was a snap
to make.
My young grandaughter took a liking to this
I might have to give her this one!

I hope you have enjoyed my quilt. Thank you for
visiting me!

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