Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My White Quilt

Whole White Quilts are lovely!!
This one is a bridal quilt that I made. The pattern came
from a Better Homes and Gardens book called
'Creative American Quilting'.
I love this book! Unfortunately this was the only
quilt that I made from this book. I love the traditional
quilts and vowed to do more - but I was so busy
working and raising my daughters that I am sure
that I put this book aside to do some that were not
so complicated. I still own this book!
I copied all of the wreath patterns and the braid
from the book to use as my patterns and enlarged
them as directions stated.
The middle of the quilt has a large feathered
medallion with interlocking rings and has cross-
hatching. Two smaller wreaths are on either side
of the large medallion with cross-hatching.
Then each corner has another wreath with
cross-hatching but no interlocking rings.  
I made this quilt with 2 very nice 100% cotton sheets
that had a high thread count. One large sheet for the 
the front and one large sheet for the backing.
With periodical small breaks - it took me close to a year to hand quilt.
Its very intricate as you can see.
Out of all of my quilts, this is my favorite!

I hope you have enjoyed my quilt. Thank you for
visiting me!


Olga said...

your quilts are most exquisite!! and im sure a lot of hard work, enjoyed looking at your wonderful work. :o)
luv from olga.

Lori said...

I love this quilt too. I remember when you draped the sheet over mom's kitchen table and lightly etched the drawing onto it. I just knew it was going to be beautiful... and it is. You really put your heart into making this quilt and the hard work shows. :-)

Lynn B said...

Hi Connie,

Your quilts are gorgeous, I think this is similar to the one I bought in America, although I have yet to start stitching it, goodness knows when that will be!


Lynn B

Lori said...

Where is mine?