Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I always pick up a few of those whenever I go to the fabric store. Just cant resist it. They are my wanna-be's. Fabric that I want to buy a couple of yards of. Are you the same way?
When I started going thru some of those little 3 X 4 inch samples I noticed
that on some of them I had 3 or 4 of the same pattern. Oh! what could I do with this
I thought. Being a quilter there wasnt anyway I was going to get rid of those cute little pieces. This is the reason why quilters fabrics always, always double or triple & you can never hardly get rid of it all - because we cant stand to get rid of even the tiniest pieces sometimes. Well, those little samples can come in handy for a lot of LITTLE things. Take a
look at what I did with 4 of the same pieces from the same color family. If your samples are not all from the same color line then just mix & match with other fabrics. The first
photo shows you the 4 swatches I used. They look bigger than what they really are.
I took 2 of those samples, used one for the outside & one for a lining & made a 2.5 inch
wide by 4 inch long needlebook. It has 4 little pieces of blue felt
on the inside which holds safety pins & needles. The second page that holds the safety
pins is the clearest of all of the photos. Just couldnt get the other pics as clear as this one.
Sorry about that. (Often I take numerous pics to get clear ones - but that doesnt always
work with me). As you can tell with the real clear photo - I used a WALNUT SHELL
to make 2 small matching pincushions. It turned out so cute! I only used 3 of those samples,
now what I am going to do with the remaining 4th piece?? I guess that I could have
taken the 4th piece & stripped it making ties for the needlebook - but I didnt think about
that at the time when I sewed on the lace. Or you can save that 4th piece & apply it to
something else. If you have collected enough of those samples, you can always sew them into patches as big as you want to, & make a bigger needlebook, pincushion or bags out of them.
By all means use some of your cross stitch with it.
Dont forget about those free samples any longer - use them.
by Hopblogger

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