Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is also one

of my favorite quilts. I had a friend that wanted this quilt badly
but I couldnt bear to part with this one. The colors just go very good together.
The entire quilt is made from
sheets except for the red pieces which is medium weight fabric. The binding is
just machine stitched with a gold color thread. I always told myself that
I would take that stitching out & do it right but I never got around to it.
The quilting is a bow with streamers but instead of a knot there is a heart in its place.
I didnt quilt a lot on this quilt.
by Hopblogger

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Lori said...

I remember the quilt that looked similar to this one. Mom had it and it was made with a burnt or orange velvet... it was one of the favorite that got used the most.:-)