Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Scrappy Log Cabin

My first quilts that I made
were baby quilts. Unfortunately I do not have any
of those first quilts anymore.
They were haphazardly put together and stitched in polyesters!
I detested that stuff, it was rough to the touch, and cold.
But at that time, I could not afford any of the cottons.
So, many of those first quilts were ug-lee,
After those first baby quilts - I really got hooked
on quilting! That was just the beginning.
The baby quilts made after that were all whole cloth
white quilts. I stitched lovely laces to their edges.
Wish I had some to show you but made lots of them
and gave them away to young mothers.
It didnt
take me long before I began looking at my clothes
 and other people's clothes. I started cutting up
unused shirts, blouses, sheets, anything that I could
get my hands on and I must say I started to love the
scrappy-looking quilts.
Throughout the years for each of my 6 siblings - according
on how many children they had - I made them 3 to 4
quilts each - so there would be a little piece of me in their
family tree somewhere.
I hope that some of my nieces and nephews to this day
still have them and cherish them.
This was one of my first scrappy Log Cabins. The first
little red square is considered the heart of the home.
Not all of the first squares are red, some are a burgundy
This quilt was tied with crochet thread.
It was many years later that I decided
to hand quilt it. I even left the ties in.
This is a heavy quilt!
I almost forgot
I still have  at least 50 quilt tops in my attic that need
hand quilting - well some day. If you start to quilt do
remember that scraps always multiply! At least
I think so.
Do you recognize the orange calico of the 70s. This
quilt was hand quilted - with just simple lines.
Today its still pretty!

I hope you enjoyed viewing this quilt. Thank you
for visiting me.

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