Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Quilts

were baby quilts. Unfortunately I do not have any of those first quilts anymore.
They were haphazardly put together & stitched in the cloths of the 70's which
was polyester. I detested that stuff, it was rough to the touch, but at the time
I could not afford any of the cottons. So, many of those first quilts were ug-lee,
in my opinion. After my first quilts - I got hooked & that was just the beginning. It didnt
take me long before I began looking at my clothes & all of those people around me that wore clothes also. I started cutting up unused shirts, pants, anything that I could get my hands on & I must say I started to love the scrappy-looking quilts. Throughout the years for each of my 6 siblings - according on how many children they had - I made them 3 to 4 quilts each - so there would be a little piece of me in their family tree somewhere. I hope that some of my nieces & nephews to this day - still have them. However, in those years, I
did get better at sewing & I hope that as you progress thru
the many years of my quilt photos that you will agree with me. I almost forgot
I still have quilt tops in my attic that need quilting - well some day. If you start to quilt do
remember that fabric always multiplies!
My first quilt that I am showing is called Log Cabin. I just love those. The first little red
square is considered the heart of the home. This quilt was first tied with
fine crochet thread & quilted years later. Do you recognize the orange calico. This
quilt was hand quilted - with just simple lines. Today its still pretty!
by Hopblogger

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