Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Scrappy Log Cabin

Here is another oldie that is dear to my heart!
Many of the light colored fabrics  
are actually sheets except for the ticking
and the dress prints. The rest are scraps.
And as you can see the blocks are LARGE!!!
There are 2 different borders used on this
quilt. The solid blue border is part of
a sheet. The other print is not a sheet but the
2 work well together.
The backing is the same solid blue sheet that is
used on the front as a border.
I started quilting in the year 1974 when my daughter
was born out of necessity.
My sister built me a quilting frame and when
that broke from moving. I starting using a hoop.
After that I just safety pinned it and stitched
it that way. Originally I had tied this quilt and it
was not until the year 2000 that I decided to
take out the hem and the yarns and hand quilt it.
These scrappy Log Cabin quilts do not require any
special quilting designs. Straight stitching is fine on
these types of quilts.
Whatever or however you want to stitch them is fine.

I hope you enjoyed viewing this quilt. Thank you
for visiting me.

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