Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Multi-Colored Appligued Hearts Quilt

A field of Hearts....Or a Sweetheart quilt
for a little girl....
that didnt take long to stitch or to quilt.
All of the hearts are machine zig-zagged
to a white square. The green, blue and yellow
hearts are all solid colors. The other colors are
As always the backings for my quilts are 100% cotton white sheets.
For this quilt I am glad that I did not use any cotton
batting. As you can see, the back looks like
it needs more quilting, but I was more
concerned about the front than the back.
This quilt should of had more quilting around each heart
and around the squares. But I kind of like the puffiness
that this quilt gives, so I left it like this.
I hand quilted 4 hearts in every other block.
There are 2 large borders on this quilt. A pinky
print and a solid chintz. I like the double row
of hearts that I hand quilted but I think that I might
go back and hand quilt more hearts
around close to the border edges.
And perhaps add more hearts to the solid
pink chintz. Definitely more hand quilting here
is needed. It is on the back near the edges that
you can see needs more hand stitching.
I must have gotten tired at the time of
making this quilt, cause this is the only
one of my quilts that looks like this!
This quilt can be reversed on the bed
to the white if  I do not want a more 'girly' type
quilt to show.  And white is always
a safe choice to match in any room.

I hope you have enjoyed my quilt. Thank you for
visiting me!

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