Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another use for a COUNTERTOP CUP RACK??

Sorry it has taken me so long to post. My new hutch that my
DH put together - is finished and
now sits on top of my sewing table.
The only thing left that it needs is the trim put on. It is taking a while
to organize everything. Still I am not through so bear with me.
I will post pictures of what everything looks like, later on. Most people
like the plastic bobbin boxes. I dont like all of that winding. By the time
that you wind it all you could have already been stitching. The idea of
placing floss on rings is not a new idea but my idea is!
I hope that you like my new IDEA this week about the
COUNTERTOP CUP RACK. Surely you used to have
one or perhaps you still have it. Take yours or someone else's!! And
display it as a FLOSS HOLDER. Yep, thats right. Its perfect.
First: sort your colors by grouping together color families.
Reds & pinks, yellows & oranges, blue, purples etc... That is how
I have seen others doing it.
Second: thread all of your floss onto a shower ring or floss ring. Mine
is threaded on the large metal floss rings by DMC.
Third: once floss is on the rings then place it on the cup hooks.
You can easily find your color that you are looking for in 2 ways. Either
you know what number each color is or you be sure to
download DMC's color chart and place the chart close to this idea.
That way you will always know what color is in what family.
Also, when the floss becomes too small to hang from the ring - then
wind it on a bobbin & put in a plastic floss box if you like. Or you can
put the leftover pieces in a pile & save it for all of those odd jobs where
you need bits and pieces. The 4th photo shows the top where you
can store extra rings. Look at that, everything is together!
The last photo shows the floss cup rack on my new hutch. By the way
my mothers jewelry box that turned into a floss box is still just that.
Only now it stores specialty threads like the linen floss & variegated flosses.
Hope you like this idea.
by Hopblogger

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