Sunday, June 27, 2010

This week

I just happen to like the colors of black & white with touches of pink.
I love Toile & this project just uses those tiny scraps of samples that
I obtained at the fabric store. I only had 4 small samples to work with.
Sometimes you have to take a break from cross stitching & do
something fun & different - also quick & easy.
The top was enhanced with a strip of thin black leather. A Yo-Yo
with little pink beads is stitched on with white thread.
Inside another tiny Yo-Yo holds a covered magnet. Its beads
match the ones on the outside front lid. White flannel is
merely draped on the inside. It is not tacked down.
The basket is tiny only measuring 6in X 6in so the pieces
inside had to be small. The box houses a small scissors fob, a tiny
pincushion & a small needlebook that supports only a couple of
needles. Just cut those samples in half with a pair of pinking
shears - except for the needlebook. The back of each piece
mirrors the front with the black toile. Sew 3 sides together a little away
from the edges, then stuff, then sew the last side. On the scissors
fob be sure to use ribbon or floss for the hanger part. I used the thin
black leather strip as what is on the front of the box. The
little flowers are of pink fleece with a couple of pink beads inside each.
Lately I have been using flannel & fleece.
by Hopblogger


Tatkis said...

It looks like a perfect composition to me! Wonderful colors!

Best wishes,

Lori said...

That is a beautiful work. The colors go great together. I have dibs! :-)