Monday, June 7, 2010

Occasionally, I like to make....

my own fabric. Have you ever tried it. If not, all you do is
take a large square of white or unbleached cotton sheet or muslin. The
size of the square is up to you. For me, I generally use a
17inches X 17inches. This gives me plenty of room to make my
items small or large. Sometimes there is plenty left over for other
projects. After my square is cut - just take strips of fabric skinny or
fat and sew each strip down upon the square until the square is no
longer visible. I use scraps of fabric from many things.
(also be sure to catch all seams so there isnt anything missed).
Then just cut it like its fabric! You cannot mess it up.
My little sewing set is small. The square of fabric was half used up.
Also notice that I didnt hem anything. It is scrappy & fun!
So quick & easy.
All of these scraps are from the 80's. The ties are skinny
pink shoelaces that was in a prior garment of long ago.
The color was too pretty to trash. About time that I used them.
Everything fits neatly inside the bag. Maybe I should have lined
the bag? - nah. This way if I must fix the bag in the future
all I have to do is to sew a patch on top & it would be easy to
sew from the inside.
Try it - you just might like it!
by Hopblogger

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