Friday, January 28, 2011

On this blog

anything goes. I have
been working really hard on this
apartment building. Look - I only lack
about a total of 6 more windows to paint!
After they are done - then I am on to creating
the building to look like its about to fall down.
Click on any picture to enlarge it. Come on now
start peeping in thru those windows!

Peep inside these on the left
side also.
Now take a peek
on the right side of the
building. The top 3 windows
is the Penthouse. Because
its a penthouse doesnt mean that
it will look like one - once I am
finished with it.

Come on - peek inside
the first & second floor.
See if there is anything
here that you like.

Take a peek inside the top
3 windows - theres shabby
chic in there. Its not
ready for you to view yet.
Dont worry - its coming.

Ahh - back to the Penthouse.
I do wish that I was young
enough to have that canopy.
Give some wishful thinking
for your little daughter. Maybe its
just her speed.

Come on - take an even closer
look now thru that window!
Things are starting to take
shape! Come on Berniece is
There's Berniece & she's exhausted!
The landlord has been fixing up all of
the apartments in this building. All
of the tenants are a little angry.
Yea, yea sure the building is in bad
shape but that is what drew them in
to live here. It has a tremendous amount
of character. If they would just fix the
problems then everything else is a-o-k
in their eyes.
Anyway - Berniece at the landlords
insistence had to empty most of everything
out of her apartment except for her
her furniture & a few items. See the
deal is - she hasnt lived here long.
After Samantha moved out the landlord
gutted the little apartment. He
wallpapered in a pretty pink shade for her.
Isnt it lovely. Yes it is 'scrapbook paper'!
It has pink, white, a touch of red & just a
smidgeon of orange. Berniece just loves the
color. But when it came to the brick wall
behind her bed - Berniece would
not let the landlord touch
it! (yea folks what I did here - was -
I went searching on the internet for
some white plastered brick. I downloaded
it, printed it out & glued it on those walls).
The photos do not give these walls any justice.
But later there is a better photo that you can
enlarge - it will show that nice wall behind
her bed. See the brick wall on the other side
of the bed. That will be the entrance & it will
be covered up. The door will face the fireplace
at least I hope it will by the time that I am
done with it. The little wicker dressing table
will be backed up to that wall. Its a little
hard to imagine right now - but it will
look better once its done. Some clothes
need to hang on that wicker screen.

Now here it is - look at the wall
behind the bed. Look at how real
it looks! By the way - the nightstands
are salt & pepper shakers. Sorry that
I forgot to show you. On the bottom they
have corks & where the lamps sit there
are small holes. The holes are small enough
that you do not barely notice them.
Wow - sorry folks but this post will be
a little long!

I have to figure out what kind of
bedding to put on her bed. Do you
have any ideas to share with me!
This apartment needs some cross stitched
pillows & perhaps a nice cross stitched
rug! Those projects will be in the works
later. Anyway here is another view
of the apartment from the little breakfast
nook. See the dressing table there will
be a wall behind it remember. Enlarge
this so you can peek at that nice wall.

Look what the light did.
Some of the kitchen
appliances take on a
pinkish glow. I just love

Dont that brick wall look
fantastic! It turned out
better than I expected.
And you couldnt even see
the seam of where I pieced
it together. Tights on the bed
& shoe boxes on the floor.

Berniece is still napping. She
better hope that the landlord
finishes her apartment soon.
She is due to get married in a few
days! I wonder if he
will like all of that
What a sweet piano. It is
made of glass! That
piano was given to me by a son in
law over 14 years ago. Dont know
where he got it. But I have prized it
ever since. Its so delicate! Get up

The little breakfast area
is hard to snap a photo of it.
All of that white just glares!
This is the closest that I can
get of it from this window.
Its so sweet that it could
be sickening??

I dont know if this side is
much better. or not. Will ya
just look at that mess on the
floor. Who did that. Blame it
on the landlord.

The fireplace still has to be
painted. Should I place some
brick up on that wall behind
the fireplace?? Come on - give me some
of your mad decorating skills. This is a
good place of where to put them.
Isnt that wallpaper
pretty. Scrapbook paper
is worth looking into.
Berniece is still sleeping. She slept
all day on that cold hard chaise.
It needs bolsters, pillows & stuff.
Lots of work here to be done.
Get up Berniece!
Smile my fellow bloggers at this
little mini 'nonexistent' life that they
lead! They lack problems & a social
life! They cant even cross-stitch!
Wow - wouldnt it suck to be them!
Enjoy the weekend & come back soon
to visit.
by Hopblogger

Thursday, January 27, 2011

'Baskets of Hearts'

Here is the pattern. Enjoy!
by Hopblogger

Where are you?

Hello fellow followers!
I go to your personal profiles & there
are so many blogs in there - that I cannot
find your blogs. Help me out here!
Give me your blog addresses so i can visit you!
by Hopblogger

I stitched it again.

This time in brown, blue & pink. It turned
out adorable. I used DMC 801, 809 & 899.
If you need any help putting one of these
together - just let me know. I dont mind
talking you thru it - no matter how long
it takes.

It is made a little differently
than the first biscornu.

Yep, look on all 4 sides. I
purposely left out part of the
pattern. It then made it much
more faster to stitch. However
it does look like something
is missing doesn't it. You could
sew on heart charms or some
basket charms in this area.
But if you do this - then sew it
all on before you stitch up all
the sides of the biscornu.
Both the front & back have the
same charms that say
'love forever'. See the back.

By now - are you
wondering what kind of charms
they are? Especially since I
had 2 of them that were the

I took the backs off of 2
earrings. They weren't doing me any
good just sitting around unused.
Take a look in your jewelry box
and see if you have some
costume jewelry that you
dont mind parting with.
Also add jewelry to your
scissor cases & fobs. Add them
to your pincushions along with
other cute things that you stitch.
Thanks for visiting me!
by Hopblogger

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I tried putting this new

Biscornu on the blog last night - but my camera
absolutely refused to do it. Just in time for
Valentines Day. It is called
'Baskets of Hearts'. This biscornu is
SUPER QUICK & EASY! And it can be
completed start to finish in one day. That
is - if you can find the time to stitch it. The colors
look great together. Colors used
are DMC 320, 3801 & 798. My friend doesnt know
it yet but this is going to her house. I am
going to stitch it again
in chocolate brown & pink for myself.
Someday I hope to fill
my basket full of biscornu's. Give me time
to get the pattern fixed and then I will
put it here for you all!
Thank you for visiting me.
by Hopblogger

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What to do with a pillow

that is pretty but not in your color
pallette. Well thats not completely true.
The white is starting to come into my home.
But the golden color is not. However
those cupids are so darling - I just cant
resist them. Hate to cover them. I have had this pillow
forever. Or at least it seems that way. Time for a change!
What to do. Thats easy enough. Just take
2 placemats. Yes I did said placemats & use them
to cover the pillow. These placemats were white on both
sides but one side had a little stain. The good thing about
using placemats is that - on the inside you dont have to worry
about the fabric fraying. Zoom in you can see the edges are
bound together. Be sure to leave a big enough opening!

Stuff that pillow in there anyway that
you can. See its in there.
Last - just sew it closed. Its a brand new

Its a great lumbar pillow for the computer
chair. Ahhh it sure does feel good!
Looks pretty too.

I hope you start looking at those placemats a
little differently from now on. Another
thing that I would like to say is - I hope that
all of you that do Miniatures really consider using
SCRAPBOOK PAPER for those walls that need wallpaper.
Dollhouse wallpaper is about $15.00 a roll.
I only used 5 sheets of scrapbook paper
for the entire apartment. Each sheet was only 69 cents each.
Thats a great savings. And I like it that not everyone
has this in their dollhouse! And I applied it to the walls with
Mod Podge. Also think about these placemats.
Zoom in on this pillow - & you
will see a nice pattern. What about using it for
MATALASSE' bed covers for your miniature beds!
The pattern is just the right size. Now
if I could only find those other 2 white
placemats - then I could stitch them up for those
naked dollhouse beds!
Thank you for visiting me.
by Hopblogger

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Emily has arrived. "Hello Mother". Of
course Sarah greets her daughter. (you dont
need to see that). Emily takes off her hat & places it in
Papa's dusty red chair.

The widow Sarah has a thyroid problem.
She just doesnt own any energy. Vitamin D
dosent do that much good. So she will just watch
her daughter. Emily looks under her mothers rosy
bed. "Oh what a mess"! she exclaims.

Emily moved Papa's desk. "Oh
Mother it is so stuffed under there.
It is spilling out from under". Sarah
only listens to her daughter.
Emily starts to work. First she
hauls out many empty picture frames.
Gosh what is the purpose in hoarding them
she thought. There were so many
that they filled the top of Papa's bed.

Before she got back on the floor.
She saw The Pink Lady & Blueboy.
Thinking out loud she said, "I must
take them home with me". Its a good
thing momma didnt hear her. "There is
so much stuff under here mother".

After much pulling & tugging, Emily pulled
out a dollhouse & placed it on top of the
picture frames. "Mother why dont you give
the little girl downstairs this cute little dollhouse".
Emily didnt see the tears in Sarah's eyes.

Next, Emily pulled out 4 beautiful
quilts. Her thoughts kept racing.
They are much too pretty to be under a bed.
I think that I will take them home with me also.

Again she is on the floor
pulling out stuff. She also pulled
out a wig in its box & an empty
wig box. Why keep those useless items?
After putting them on Papa's desk she is
back on the floor again pulling out.

"Oh, I completely forgot you
had the frieze of 'The Lords Supper'.
Sarah only smiled at her.
"Mother, where is your Rosary"?
The widow Sarah hated to tell her.
But there wasnt any need to say anything.
Emily saw the look on her mothers face.
"I am so sorry that you lost them"?
Will anybody out there make a beautiful
Rosary for the widow Sarah? She sure would
appreciate it.
"Oh mother, can I have this frieze"?
"Sure dear. Are you sure you want that old
"Yes I have the perfect place to hang it",
said a pleased Emily.
"Mother where on earth did you get this piece"?
"Honey, your dear handsome father rescued that from
an old house that was being torn down.
He knew how much I wanted it".
"Thank goodness for Papa. They sure dont make
men like that anymore".

Again Emily admired the beauty
of the freize before moving it into
the living area. She didnt want to
forget to take it home. Then she
cleaned up some more before joining
her mother.

Exhausted, Emily plopped down
into a chair to enjoy her now warm tea.
They chatted for awhile.

I thought that you might would
like to see some of the stuff
that is still under Sarah's bed.
There is some dishes & still more
dishes in the blue checked box.

Papa's bed was still stuffed.
A couple of crochete pieces.
Look! an outdated plastic
rubber tree plant. Ummm
what a pretty oriental screen.

See what is under the crochet
pieces. Papa's tools & what is
that white thing?

Look at those nice books
under the bed. The Mother
Goose Book as well as the dollhouse
belonged to Sarah when she was little.
No way are they leaving this apartment!
Emily still left somewhat of a
small mess on Papa's bed. Perhaps
she just needed to 'shop' some of her
mothers things.
I hope this little skit brought an
overdue smile to your face. If you
have daughters then you know there
is always something that you own that
they want. Maybe a little mini life has
mimmicked someone's big life.
Enjoy the weekend.
by Hopblogger

Friday, January 14, 2011

In between cross stitching

I work on many other projects. My dollhouse
got moved from the sewing room to my bedroom.
The dollhouse that I own is not a normal
dollhouse. It is a 5 story apartment building.
Here is just one of those apartments that is now completed
except for a few minor things. Like for instance - trim is
still needed around the windows. I do not know if I will put
up any moldings on the ceilings. Thats up in the air for now.
Curtains are also another things that I am considering leaving
out. The wallpaper in this apartment is really scrapbooking
paper. I loved the look of it so i decided to use it. It gives
an old appearance to the somewhat old apartment.
Meet the widow Sarah. Isn't she young looking!
Sarah & her husband had lived here for over 20
years. Now in her 50's life has settled down
more for her especially after the death of her
husband Bernard.
Here is where she sits waiting for her
daughter to arrive so they can drink tea together.
Sarah is dreading the argument they will definitely
get into. Emily has been trying to get her
mother to get rid of one of the beds & some of the
other stuff that is crowding up the nice apartment.
Sarah is reluctant to get rid of anymore of her

Emily is sure that all of this dust is
a health issue. Sarah doesnt have the
energy or the gumption needed
to clean everything up.

If you want to see a photo of Bernard.
Then just zoom in on the picture that is on
Sarah's vanity. The curtains are down.
They are being washed at Emily's insistence.

Look at all of the dust on the dresser.
There was Bernard's desk. Every day he
sat there looking at the newspaper while
smoking his pipe. The pictures beside the
bed never go hung. Earlier they had been under
the bed. It would be nice to hang them - but where?
The bed with the brown bedding on it was Bernard's
bed. Sarah cannot part with it. And it doesnt matter
what Emily says. It is not leaving this apartment!

See Sarah's old lace curtains.
They do have some holes in them
from where they have been washed over
the years. But she just cannot part with them.
They used to belong to her mother.

The front door is right beside the stove.
Such a cute apartment - dont you agree!
Every day Bernard would sit in that red
armchair & look out of the window.
Sarah remembers the memories.

Isnt the kitchen roomy. And what
a yummy cake that Sarah baked today.
Another view of the kitchen looking
into the bedroom. if that dresser was
gone - then you could see the bedroom
better. But Emily cannot get Sarah to get
rid of it. That's a shame. Its such a nice

Look inside the window.
The apartment is on the 4th floor
so there isnt any worry about anyone
looking in.

The apartment on the outside
is getting a new paint job or something.
The owners of the building dont
know if they want to brick it or

The apartment is just
below the Penthouse. Take a peek
inside the windows. Can you see
the widow Sarah.

by Hopblogger