Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The last quilt to show

you for now, is a whole-cloth quilt. It consists of 2 very nice cotton sheets one for
the front & one for the backing. With periodical breaks - it took me close to a year to hand quilt. Its very intricate as you can see. This pattern was copied from a quilt book that I
still own but right now I dont know where the book is in order to tell you the name. I'll
post some more quilts next week if I get the chance. Out of all the quilts which is your
by Hopblogger

This is one of my

best quilts in my opinion. It contains a little of patchwork, squares & applique. The photo really doesnt do the quilt justice.
Curtains - no fabric is sacred with me, that is what the large floral
squares are. Back in 1984 my friend gave me a set of lightweight curtains because
she didnt want them anymore & it is here where they ended up. I realize
that you cannot see the hand quilting in the floral squares - all the quilting is
criss-crossed. This entire quilt is quilted in free hand style. On the last pic you can
see the green sheet which was used as a backing. This quilt has never been used.
by Hopblogger

When you stop

quilting it amazes me that no matter how long you quilted for - you can
still forget the names of the patterns that you used. This top is cream muslin
& is simply quilted. If anyone knows the name of it - please tell me. It doesnt
look like I will be remembering it any time soon.
by Hopblogger

I cannot remember....

the name of this pattern however the top only consists of 2 pattern pieces.
I freehanded the straight lines in the white squares. Even though some of the lines
are not straight as an arrow - it doesnt take away
from the beauty of the quilt. Hope you like this one.
by Hopblogger

A Blue One....

This blue & cream quilt is sheets that I stripped up.
The top is hand quilted in a fan design. Three different borders make up the top, bottom
& the sides. I remember that I didnt have much of this fabric so I used
what I had - not having anything else.
The backing is also a matching sheet. I cannot remember the name of the quilt
block that I used.
by Hopblogger

This is a feel good color

for a quilt. It is one of my favorites. I love the flowered sheet backing & I
still have another one of these sheets in my attic to be used on the back of
a different quilt. It was too pretty to get rid of. Again this quilt has scraps
but the yellow used here is not a sheet. Can you believe that I actually bought
this fabric back then. I know that it is hard to see but the border has free-hand straight
quilting lines & every so often I stitched a basket. On the large yellow
squares on the front of the quilt - I have also quilted baskets - but I surrounded
the baskets with a heart. I am not sure if you can see these.
by Hopblogger

This is a 2 generation

quilt - quilted in the 80's. My mother helped me hand quilt this one. On this
quilt I didnt even bother
using a quilting pattern - most of it is free handed. The only exception is the border.
Both borders have a cable design that I drew on. Its still a very pretty quilt to look at.
This quilt always held a special place in my heart - especially now since the death
of my mother.
by Hopblogger

This is also one

of my favorite quilts. I had a friend that wanted this quilt badly
but I couldnt bear to part with this one. The colors just go very good together.
The entire quilt is made from
sheets except for the red pieces which is medium weight fabric. The binding is
just machine stitched with a gold color thread. I always told myself that
I would take that stitching out & do it right but I never got around to it.
The quilting is a bow with streamers but instead of a knot there is a heart in its place.
I didnt quilt a lot on this quilt.
by Hopblogger

Hope you like Purple...

the purple squares are sheets - yes sheets cut up into squares. Again I used scraps
for the blocks. All white piece are sheets & the back is a pale yellow sheet. This
quilt is fan quilted.
by Hopblogger

Hope you like Purple...

the purple squares are sheets - yes sheets cut up into squares

Here's another oldee....

yes, its another scrappy log cabin but dear to my heart. For many
of the light colored fabrics - they are actually sheets. It is fun to strip them - I
even use queen & king size sheets for the backings. Watch out for some of those
cotton sheets because it can be hard to get your needle thru all the layers. I started
quilting in the year 1974. Today I can say that I havent quilted for at least
10 years. All of my quilts are hand quilted & I havent quilted with a frame of any
kind since the latter part of the 80's. These quilts dont require any special quilting
designs - straight stitching is fine on these types of quilts.
by Hopblogger

My First Quilts

were baby quilts. Unfortunately I do not have any of those first quilts anymore.
They were haphazardly put together & stitched in the cloths of the 70's which
was polyester. I detested that stuff, it was rough to the touch, but at the time
I could not afford any of the cottons. So, many of those first quilts were ug-lee,
in my opinion. After my first quilts - I got hooked & that was just the beginning. It didnt
take me long before I began looking at my clothes & all of those people around me that wore clothes also. I started cutting up unused shirts, pants, anything that I could get my hands on & I must say I started to love the scrappy-looking quilts. Throughout the years for each of my 6 siblings - according on how many children they had - I made them 3 to 4 quilts each - so there would be a little piece of me in their family tree somewhere. I hope that some of my nieces & nephews to this day - still have them. However, in those years, I
did get better at sewing & I hope that as you progress thru
the many years of my quilt photos that you will agree with me. I almost forgot
I still have quilt tops in my attic that need quilting - well some day. If you start to quilt do
remember that fabric always multiplies!
My first quilt that I am showing is called Log Cabin. I just love those. The first little red
square is considered the heart of the home. This quilt was first tied with
fine crochet thread & quilted years later. Do you recognize the orange calico. This
quilt was hand quilted - with just simple lines. Today its still pretty!
by Hopblogger