Saturday, December 11, 2010

Carol gave me

idea to make
a Pincushion Tree. I
thought it was a great idea.
The only problem was - there wasnt
any room to place it in my sewing room.
So I placed it here on my dear husbands nightstand. To
make it christmassy I hung 2 white stockings on the drawer
knobs and hung small red ornaments on the tree. I tried garland
on the tree - it was too much so off it went. Mainly I wanted all of the
pincushions that were on the green spice
rack to be the focal point. I hope this inspires
you to include other sewing paraphelia on your
tree besides cross-stitch.
Merry Christmas!
by Hopblogger

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Tatkis said...

Great idea, your Christmas pincushion tree looks wonderful!

Best wishes,