Thursday, December 9, 2010

P is for Pepper

Yes, I am getting there. It has really turned out very
pretty. However I do have some mistakes in this letter.
You can see it once you compare them side by side. I am
just not into ripping it all out after you have stitched a long
way. I just work with it. Besides it doesnt look bad. If you want
to see where to
get these beautiful letters - then go to this website.
This alphabet is beautiful and fancy! I went back to this
website to get you explicit directions on where they were.
The problem is - is that I still cannot tell you where in this
website I found these letters! But somewhere they
are there. Let me know if you find them so I can tell
everyone else. Click on this new website that Asha has
graciously given to me. The Alphabet is there in a PDF.
Thank you Asha!
Stitch these monograms for the people in your life that you love!
They will love them.
by Hopblogger

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