Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recently I found in

my attic another cross stitched project I stitched
over 13 years ago. The name of this pattern is unknown to
me especially since the pattern was not in the box.
Sure did forget I had it. However I do remember
stitching it now that I've seen it. Above the red door I
stitched the year of my marriage to my husband.
Grandson Cohen wants it. He loves the red, white & blue.
I think where it says 'Our House' - I think I was
suppose to stitch in our surname of Wethington.
See how raw I was in cross stitching. I was learning
back then. I didnt sign it either. In fact on alot of my
cross stitch - some of it I never signed.
Keep enjoying the Holidays while its still here!
by Hopblogger


LyndaB said...

Nice! I don't recognize this exact image but there's something about the style of the shading and backstitch as well as the color palate that is making me think Alma Lynne? She did do a series of Americana graphs back then.

Faye said...

I love this pattern!!! If its not Alma Lynne, could it be Linda Meyers??? Reminds me of both designers.....

We all look back and smile at some of our older projects...I just like to think we are "perfecting our craft" ahahaha.... Anyway, practice makes perfect so, buy more and stitch more...right!!??

Take care, Faye