Sunday, December 19, 2010

Light Up My Life

I hope you like this biscornu pattern.
Take a good look at the actual pattern & the outcome
of it. They are not the same. On the front which is the
red side - at the last minute I changed the light so to speak.
In other words, I like this version to show 'light'. You might like
the pattern version. Either one of them are okay. Use this one
or the other. Now look at the back or the Christmas Tree side.
Again I changed the 'light' and I added small glass beads to
imitate glass ornament bulbs. Notice at the bottom there are
3 small beads on the white just to the left of the brown pot
that the tree sits in. These beads represent ornaments that
have fallen from the tree. I hope you think its cute! At the top left
I added a star because I felt that it needed something else.
Now take note that when I did this - it put my tree NOT in the
center as it should be. So it looks off somewhat. However
the tree side is still very pretty. Take a chance and use different
colored beads. Change my light or candle colors. Or do not add the
star in the left hand corner. After I finished putting the biscornu
together - then I added 2 beads at every corner on the front
red side. I have been wanting a red biscornu. See why it took me
so long to finish it.
Hope you want a red one also.
by Hopblogger

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Faye said...

Good morning from chilly Southern Pines NC~~ I just found your blog and love the biscornu patterns you offer!!! We live relatively close to each other and I think I recognize a couple of the ladies in the stitch group..possibly from Lazy Daisy...

Come visit my blog...I think we have alot in common!!

Merry Christmas, Faye