Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I had to sneak these

photo's in as quick as I could because the little room
is getting ready to change again! By friday!
I cannot keep up
with all of its changes. This little room off of our foyer
used to be part of the living room. But it was sectioned
off many years ago by my dear husband and one of my son in laws.
At my request of course. My dear husband even tiled
the floor. God what did I ever do to receive a good man like that!
We have been married for 36 wonderful years and I would marry
him again. Ok, stop rambling conny!
This gave our living room privacy as it now faces towards the
back of the house. Anyway, back to the small room in the front.
This room always leads double lives and constantly gets in trouble.
Never has it ever remained the same in one given year. Its been a
hang out room, a library, a christmas room and its
past life was a reading room. Now it is a bedroom and has only
been that way for about a couple of months. I am not going
to put any doors to this room. I like the white curtains.
It gives it a tent feeling and also aids in the shabby chic decor
in which I am growing very fond of. My grandchildren
have been sleeping here when they come over. They dont
complain. I think secretly they like it - maybe they just dont want
to tell me they do??
See the bare wall that is devoid of any paintings - yea well thats
where the blue bookcases stood. I need to fix that.
Well anyway, at the beginning of this week - Briebie said,
"grandma I am bored. I want to do something with my room.
Maybe change it around". So she moved her bed & didnt like it.
She moved it back. And then Bang - here it came.
"grandma I like your white bed (my mothers bed)." Anyway,
you get the gist of it. One thing led to another and the next thing
I know - my bed is leaving here friday to go to her bedroom at her
parents house. I am okay with it because I will now get my
Pottery Barn Trundle bed set back from her!
(now you know how my house keeps changing - all of us
trade our furniture back & forth. When someone tires of
it - we change again. Constantly we trade.)
Maybe something is wrong with us??
You be the judge of that.
My father & my sister are coming to spend the holidays with us
so the trundle bed set will come in handy - especially since
I no longer have any bedrooms that anyone can use upstairs.
I can put the trundle bed in another room for her to use
until after christmas is over.
Remember my upstair bedrooms are now a computer room
and a sewing,craft room. Hopefully it will remain this way for a long time
as I love those rooms separated.
Did anyone say they were bored - no NOT ME!!
I will post more photos of this little room in shabby chic after
christmas. Maybe by then the room will take on that shabby chic
Merry Christmas & may Santa bless you also this year!
by Hopblogger


Natty said...

Wow,I wish this were my room! :-)

Tea Cottage Pretties said...

This is beautiful. I love the white furniture. I so wish I had white furniture in our bedroom. Maybe one day. JEALOUS.....