Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The 'Trip Around The World'

quilt pattern graces the front of this Biscornu
and the quilt pattern called 'Irish Chain' lends itself
to the back. Two beautiful patterns that look great together.
Here - they have been color co-ordinated so that the
front & the back match. Dont go out & buy any buttons
for this Biscornu - instead use what you have in your
button box. You might be surprised at your own
wonderful combination.
The button on the front is as extra sweater
button from a sweater that I no longer owned anymore. It was a
surprise to see that it matched perfectly!
The back button was just a Daisy button. I was thrilled
that it matched the gold color so well.
Will give you the patterns soon.
by Hopblogger

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MiniBinoy said...

wow!! its a beautiful pattern.. thank you very much for sharing