Monday, December 27, 2010

This Ribbon Biscornu was fun.

Tops - it took less than 15 minutes to create.
And its really, really pretty. The 3 golden butterflies are
help make the piece. There are some blogs
that show Biscornu's they have made from just
fabric. So I thought this would be a great piece
for this project.This little beauty started
life as a 10 inch pillow. Sorry, I forgot to take a photo
of the pillow. The back fabric was the same
as the front fabric. I liked that it matched so nicely.
To see what I am talking about - start with the photos
at the end of this post & work up to this text. I opened up
the pillow & took out the stuffing. Next, I cut off excess to
even it up. See I even showed you some of the scraps. I cut
it to 7.5 inches equal width & length - in other words square it up.
For those that have never stitched up a Biscornu - back
& front have to be the same size. Try to make sure your
pattern on the front is centered. Machine stitch it together,
be sure to leave an opening. There was a large opening on this
biscornu - so stuffing it was a breeze. I reused the original
stuffing that was in the pillow. Stuff it tightly. Slip stitch
it closed. Add your buttons and - its done! For
buttons I used ladybugs. They seemed kind of fitting for a garden.
This biscornu is a little over 7 inches across & about 3 inches thick.
Even though the photos make the biscornu look small - I
can assure you it is large! I dont really mind that it is big
because I love biscornu's. Now I have a one of a kind piece.
Start looking at your ribbon embroidery for other uses. Take
those little wallhangings or pillows & put them to good use.
Remake, remix & reuse them into something functional.
Anyone could use a pincushion - no matter what size it is.
lots of laughs!
by Hopblogger


Marlene said...

Your biscornu looks great, I should have a try at making one....

diamondc said...

Connie: Simply beautiful, how very creative, I shall follow you forever you are very insirational.
Happy Newyear

Tatkis said...

It is so beautiful! Great work!!

Best wishes,

Patty C. said...

Gorgeous !!

Tereza Borges said...

Olá Connie estou te visitando também, gostei muito do estilo do seu blog e já sou seguidora, estarei muito por aqui.
Feliz 2011


Nete said...

Estou muito feliz em receber sua visita. Sinta-se a vontade.
Estive visitando o seu blog e adorei seus trabalhos, são lindos!! Adore esse em especial.
Um grande abraço!!!!

Hopblogger said...

Thank you ladies for leaving me such wonderful comments. It gives me pleasure to know that you like my ideas & my patterns.
Keep Stitching!